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The Engaged Life ♥

Hi, all! Sorry I kinda abandoned this blog. As it gets closer to the wedding, everything is piling up.

Right now we are less than 100 days counting down, we are buying our first house, and we adopted a puppy. She’s a 5 month old maltipom named Chihiro, and that’s why I’m not on much. But I’ve finally got a moment, at almost 1 AM! Haha.

There’s still a lot left to do. We’ve contacted someone to make our invites, but we’re still determining exactly what we want. And that goes for about everything! I can’t wait to post pictures of it all.

Here are G’s cuff links!

My garter! The pic of me holding it made it look really awful, so here’s a better picture in better lighting as well. :)
(And yes, they are the same.)

People are still reblogging and liking that “mock up” brown card I mentioned it feels weird because that’s from before we decided to go with a themed wedding. I will post an updated card design tomorrow!

Anonymous sent: You're blog is amazing! I like that you're doing Zelda, that's so unique! May I ask how hold you are? Congrats!

Thank you! :) We were originally not gonna have a theme, but Zelda has been a major part of my life since childhood. So it was just something we needed to do! I am 18 (I’ll be 19 this October, 1 month after the wedding) and G is 24. He will be 25 exactly one month before the wedding!

Updates & Such!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on much. Not too much has been going on wedding-wise.

We have been engaged for 1 year as of January 12, 2014!!
We were having a small hiccup with our church venue, which luckily was sorted out. They weren’t going to allow us to use the church, but as it was their secretary’s mistake (she told us we were good to use it), they decided that it was only fair to let us use the church.
I’m in the current process of getting my bridesmaids together to find a dress they can all wear.
We’re going to be buying prop material ASAP, for our centrepieces… which we still haven’t exactly decided on. (Oops!)
I ordered my garter set, and G’s cuff-links! Pictures incoming :)
And am currently looking for flowers online for my bouquet.

For life updates, we are doing great. We got a new car on January 13, G is back in school, our anniversary is coming up (February 13), and we are doing well in general. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon, my mum is getting a shunt put in, and that’s about as bad as it’s gotten right now. Which I am totally thankful for!

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Oh my god it’s perfect


Oh my god it’s perfect

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